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WEB solutions

It doesn`t matter how geographical your site is untidy, we will easy combine it and will start working.
Web system scheme
Advantages of
WEB software:
extreme mobility
does not require Windows
does not require paid software
does not require powerful (expensive) workstations
The sheme that you see is a simple model of what we realized successfully for our clients. The system connects production, warehouses and offices situated in different parts of the country + 2 similar in London and Amsterdam. All they use modules serving their activity, but connected to one another by the common data base.

- more control,
- reduce the cost of time, human resources and communication tools
- statistics in real time.

Web based software comes and replaces more and more the conventional systems. The cause is in the advantages that you get and they are several, but the main is called “mobility”. By Internet you have access to Your company in any time by your notebook until you wait in the airport or by your mobile phone or PDA on the beach. The remoteness won`t be a problem any longer for the good work in a team and the communication between the different departments. All they will work together and you will be able to control them and following the data from the system to raise the production of the company as a whole.

Other advantage is the independence from Windows or other paid software. The server installed from us is with operation system Linux with open cod and completely free.
For an access to the system you need just a Web browser, and you can use for working stations machines that you choose. You don`t need to pay for a powerful and expensive hardware. And yet by “the law of Microsoft” for every PC you must pay for windows if you want to provide tranquility for the next hunt of National Group for Fight with Organized Criminality. We can save you these money by using thin clients for working stations. Or talking in figures a working place (without the monitor) can cost you not 400-500 lv but 50-100 lv hardware + software.

We have web decisions for companies in the area of real estates and companies obtaining and manifacturing stone.